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Monday, November 22, 2004

To the Hate America First Crowd: In the immortal words of Theresa Heinz-Kerry, "Shove it!" 

Look to our coinage to learn something of what America is about. On every coin one will find these three assertions:

In God We Trust
E Pluribus Unum - of many, one

These are the three marks of America - what we are about. Like it or leave it.

One's view of America is much governed by one's World View: If on the "Right", then it is a matter of "Good and Evil" and to one on the "Left" it is a matter of "The Haves and the Haves Not". One is always true and one is only partly, sometimes true and only to a certain extent. That second one reveals Marxist ideology to be "vibrant" today; with all its freedom-loving hatred carefully hidden under its rhetoric, "Power to the People", "Class Warfare", 'Hate Big Business' and such, keep it in your pants, kids. The sweet inducement is the enslaving mentality drug pushers know so well: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Entitlement Mentality inculcates weakness, just what usurpers want in a people they seek to overthrow. The hammer is the Totalitarian Political Ideology beating a people into "shape" on the anvil of hate, ignorance, intolerance, prejudice and bondage to poverty; while the new haves, the overthrowers, roll about in their ill-gotten riches the 'stupid masses have not right to, having let them go so easily...'

How easily? By playing to the self interest, especially, but not exclusively, to the economic self interest of short sighted, selfish, greedy of gain "Suckers", looking get something for nothing. "There is a sucker born every minute". Pretending to understand the world through Power, through economic class warfare, the Left seeks to lure the free into servitude, drugged by greed and self indulgence. Such as are so deceived - or are the deceivers, themselves - hate, honestly hate the Right, simply because the Right, by its very point of view, reveals the Left for what it is. As cockroaches flee the light, so Evil scuttles. This is at the heart of any perceived division in America, today. And that it is so spoken of and so much so and, in particular so much exclusively so by the Left, one is sure to understand their complaint is really not about division among 'just us chickens', but about how much is thus left for them to do to overthrow us all.

The Left moans that, now the Right has won, it must rush to 'moderate' itself to accomodate the Left in 'compassion'... the Dialectical Materialistic battle continues unabated. One N.E.V.E.R. hears the Left calling upon itself to moderate itself towards the Right when the Left win an eclection, do we? No, we do not. The Left has an agenda inimical to freedom, the Right seeks only what is right or good, versus evil. Such an agenda of the left is with us by nature, and that of the Right is by witness of the revelation of the Truth made real in our hearts. It is such a struggle as this, as it ever was and ever shall be to the end of time.

It is this struggle between right and wrong, good and evil - yes, between the made righteous and the rest, left - we see played out today in American politics so baldly this last time, for the cause was as nearly lost, to the bystander's eyes, as ever it could so closely be. Notice the enraged, bewildered, and for some few, honestly confused - confounded - commentary of the Left, how that so surprisingly, the people actually did find their voice and, when they did speak, it was "without regard for their own economic self interest!" One would think the Left was beginning to believe their own propaganda! How so thoroughly ready to cheat they were they expected massive deception from the Right, too, only to find that truth which did prevail, 'If it ain't close, they can't cheat.' And so, the Left lost this round, soundly.

To the question of Values, then. For this election did just that: Put values back into play on the national stage...

Values in action on the personal and public stage means, for the uninitiated, that there be compassion between you and me and our families and, in the public arena, we must do justice, that we must rule by that which is right and good.

The canards of the Left have no place, here. Moral equivalence has no play, here. Equality and Freedom have their place. Appeals to egalitarianism, etc, while insidiously undermining the freedoms - and even so boldly as to attack the foundations of those freedoms - are discovered for what they are: Treachery against God and Man.

What are you about?

What sort of future would you have for you and yours?

The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar;
it shall never go out. - Leviticus 6.13

"But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You're gonna have to serve somebody,
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody." - Bob Dylan

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